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What is Acoustic for a Change?

Instrument Donation Program (NATIONAL PROGRAM)

Our primary ministry goal is to collect, refurbish and place musical instruments in the hands of underprivileged children or organizations that work with them. We want to have instruments stop collecting dust and start making music again.

Live Music for Charity Events

Acoustic for a Change (AFAC) provides Live Music and Event Support for Charity events. AFAC has a variety of event professionals (Musicians & Event Coordinators) who offer to give back to worthwhile causes like yours. Our ministry offers reduced rates for the opportunity to introduce our Instrument Donation Program. We also request a brief announcement about our Instrument Donation Program and the ability to setup a small info table. We use our talents to add value to your upcoming event and bless young lives. (Serving Southern California, Central Florida, Park City/Salt Lake City, Utah & Growing...)

Brief History

In 2006, Arturo Echarte, founder of AFAC, decided to hand over the reigns to his successful Florida Printing/Marketing company so that he could focus on giving back to worthwhile causes. While offering to play guitar at a local charity event Arturo was asked about how to donate an instrument that an attendee had at home. That night the idea of starting AFAC was sparked. Offering discounted rates to play at charity events for the opportunity to get the word out about AFAC’s Instrument Donation Program. It’s a Win-Win for both. Through the years AFAC has placed hundreds of instruments in the hands of underprivileged children. Changing lives one event and one instrument at a time.


Music is Art

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