Donation Stories - Instruments can Change a Life!

Drum Story


11 yr. old Leukemia Patient Receives a New Drum Kit!

“Happy Holidays to Acoustic for a Change. Here is where ONE of your drum sets you gave me went. Levi is an 11 year old boy in a military family. Levi has been suffering with leukemia for the last two years. In these two years he spends about half of his life inside hospitals. But Loves to play drums. He was just blown away when he got his new drum kit for Christmas!” I am giving him lessons - too. Thank you all for making this possible.”

Jaime Cross -

Drum Story



Blind Girl Loves to Donate

“John and his lovely daughter donated these acoustic guitars. At age 7, Emily, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was blinded by the surgery. She maintains a great attitude and a giving heart! They blessed me today way beyond the gift of music.”

Arturo Echarte, Founder -

Drum Story



Marines Daughter’s Dream

“I wanted to share with you the picture of one the families that received the guitar. Meet Hannah with her new guitar. Her father is a Marine in the USMC, and the family is stationed locally here at Camp Pendleton. Dad was misty eyed when he saw the guitar. He said, “Wow, she is really going to love this.” Thank you so much for giving Hannah the one thing she REALLY wanted for Christmas.”

With gratitude, Mamie Maywhort -

Drum Story



Piano Helps Veteran Heal

“We just donated this Yamaha Keyboard to Scottwood, a disabled Air Force Veteran. He served in Desert Storm & Desert Shield and was exposed to chemical warfare. He was diagnosed with an Autonomic Central Nervous System disorder. The piano helps him relax and enjoy the moment!”

Betsy Haff, Distribution Mgr. -

Drum Story


How One Clarinet Changed Two Lives

“Thank you for reaching out to me regarding that Clarinet. I gave it to the boy as a replacement for the one he had that stopped functioning. He is thrilled!. This 12 year old boy who has muscular disability lives with his homeless single mom and two sisters. His overall performance in school began to improve along with his hope. He recently called and left me the sweetest message. He's a good kid growing up in a homeless family, living in a pub tent, dealing with his disability and taking on life as it is. It makes me feel so good, as it would you, that a young kid would call in words of gratitude for something another did for him. I love what you and Acoustic for a Change do.”

Donald Glasgow -

Drum Story



Young Student & Her Sax

“We recently placed this donated Sax with this young lady. The future of music looks bright! "Thank you so very much for the critical role you have played in giving this young musician inspiration she will never forget. This kind of altruism helps us all in many ways. THANK YOU!"

Sean Chavez, OC Therapeutic Arts -

Drum Story


Missionary Receives Guitar

“Attached is a picture of Amanda and her new “Acoustic for a Change” Guitar. She is thrilled and wanted me to make sure I thanked you for making it possible for her to have her very own guitar. Keep up the great work!”

Tim Johnson - President & Founder


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