Become An Instrument Miner

Join us & change young lives too by finding gently used Instruments near you. After you find a few instruments you can use our Charity Search engine to find a charity near you or Email us, and we can assist in the search. Just enter your Zip-Code & see what charities pop-up.

Other Ideas:

– Postcard Miner – We will provide you with Postcards to place at coffee shops, club houses, bulletin boards, etc.

– Social Media Miner – Search social media (Facebook Marketplace, overstock, letgo, amazon, ebay, craigs-list, etc) for sellers and let them know of our ministry. Many will offer reduced rates or to donate for free.

– Estate/Garage Sale Miner – Bring our postcards to garage sales and if you see an instrument let them know of our ministry.

– Event Miner – Make an announcement at your event that you are partnering will us to collect gently used instruments. We will provide postcards & more to hand out.

Become a Miner Today – Send email to Arturo at