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Acoustic for a Change (AFAC), recruits local musicians by personal interviews and a talent assessment. Once complete they are categorized by style of music and placed on our team member’s list. When a Charity Event needs a musician we try to find that key talent who will best fit your event needs. In the past AFAC has been able to provide many styles of music. Some are Classical, Spanish, Hawaiian, Folk and even Rock and Jazz. If the selected musician is not available, then AFAC sends out an email blast and Social Media posts to our local contacts to find a musician for you.

Cuban American & Founder of AFAC, Arturo Echarte, offers his musical talents for the sole purpose of purchasing instruments for underprivileged children. “Charity Events provide a unique platform to change lives by getting the word out about their Instrument Donation Program.” Arturo who plays Classical/Spanish/Flamenco style guitar offers his talents for a nominal fee and encourages a variety of musicians to join his cause. “Our goal is use our talents to add value by coming alongside your event and blessing the lives of underprivileged children. Our musicians offer premier discounts for your cause and most events are filled within a few days.”

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