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Acoustic for a Change (AFAC) collects gently used instruments for distribution to local under-served kids or non-profits that support them. AFAC will provide minor instrument repairs and has hundreds of pre-qualified nonprofit’s, charities, churches, schools, mission organizations and individuals in need. Many of them are currently on a waiting list since the need is so great.


  • Local Drop Sites: Our current sites are in South/Central Florida, Southern California and Summit County/Salt Lake City Utah. Fill out the form below and we will email them to you.
  • National Donation Program: If you are not located near our drop sites we have a more options:

1) “Direct To Charity” Program – you can use our “Charity Search” engine to find a charity near you or fill out the form below and we can assist in the search. Just enter your Zip-Code & see what charities pop-up.

2) FREE Mail-In Program for smaller instruments (Flutes-Violins) – Simply wrap it in its actually case or box and send it directly to us. We will REIMBURSE THE SHIPPING cost. Types of instruments: Acoustics to Pianos – we place them all !!!


We only service the United States! Please fill out the form below and provide as much detail as possible regarding your need & how the instrument(s) will be used. Provide us with an email, phone # and city/state. We may request an email from a teacher, pastor, case worker, etc. to validate the need.

Instruments: Acoustics to Pianos – we place them all !!!

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