Arturo Echarte changes lives through his acoustic music

Music, the universal language, speaks when words fail, as Hans Christian Andersen wisely put it. Indialantic guitarist Arturo Echarte’s music speaks of kindness and of a sense of community. The founder of Acoustics for a Change

, Echarte channels music for the good of others. His music ministry supports local charities by connecting them with musicians, Echarte included, willing to donate their time to play at fundraisers. Echarte also collects gently used musical instruments to give to young musicians who cannot afford to buy the equipment. Additionally, Acoustics for a Change musicians play for a donation fee at private parties

, weddings and gallery openings, again, to raise money to give to local nonprofits. “It’s a win-win for all,” said Lynn Brockwell-Carey, executive director of the Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition. More